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Bupo Animal Health (Pty) Ltd aims to become the responsible partner in animal health throughout Africa by means of innovative and scientifically based solutions, adding value to all stakeholders.

Our Products

Every problem has a unique solution please consult one of our Veterinarians for appropriate dosages or any questions.


Fosbac Swine Poultry Cattle

Water Soluble & Pre-Mix
Innovative broad spectrum antiobotic complex containing Fosfomycin. Contains Fructose , an energy source enhancing recovery of poultry and swine

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  • Highly Effective against E.coli, Salmonella etc.
  • No resistance
  • Rapid absorption without toxicity
  • High blood levels of Active Ingredient
  • Very short withdrawal
Fosbac - Innovative Antibiotic treatment

Fosbac Plus T

Water Soluble & Pre-Mix
A strong combination of FOSBAC ® and Tylosin, to combat Mycoplasma and related respiratory diseases.

  • All the advantages of FOSBAC ® including effective Mycoplasma control
  • Improves production parameters (Poultry, Swine and Cattle)

TFC Swine Poultry

Water Soluble & Pre-Mix
A broad spectrum antibiotic containing 50% Oxytetracycline in phosphate complex for use in poultry and swine

  • No Withdrawal period
  • Enhanced absorption
  • Effective against Mycoplasma
  • Growth promoter

Kitabac Swine

Antibiotic for mycoplasma treatment (KITASAMYCIN)

  • Highly effective against Mycoplasma
  • 1 day withdrawal
  • Low Toxicity
  • Premix & water soluble

Cefalexina 200

Ready to use injectable and broad spectrum, first generation Cephalosporin. Cephalexin has high distribution rate into body tissues and fluids. Effective against most kinds of bacterial infections affecting livestock and that includes respiratory, urinary, genital tract, joint, bone and skin infections.
  • Broad spectrum antibiotic;
  • Excellent distribution into most tissues and fluids;
  • High bio-availability;
  • Safe for use in cattle, sheep, swine.

Ceftiover Maxium

Broad spectrum injectable antibiotic. The combination of a third generation Cephalosporin (Ceftiofur) and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (meloxicam) ensures fast effective treatment of infection and inflammation.
  • Broad spectrum antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment;
  • Fast acting injectable;
  • Treats foot rot infection  in one dose;
  • Safe for use in cattle and sheep.
Every problem has a unique solution please consult one of our Vets for appropriate dosage
Liver support and detoxifier

Bedgen 40Swine Poultry Cattle

Liquid & Pre-Mix
Natural performance enhancer,containing artichoke extract combined with choline chloride. Enhances metabolism and detoxification of the liver (hepato modulator).

  • Improves FCR & weight gain
  • Improves fat metabolism (fatty liver decrease)
  • Protects livers against toxins
  • Increases bile production
  • Lowers mortality
Bedgen 40 - Advantages of liver protection


The immuno stimulant of choice, combining Levamisole, fructose, electrolytes and vitamines.

  • Improves immunity during pre- and post vaccination
  • Perfect for use during immunosuppressive conditions e.g stress, disease
  • Rapidly absorbed
  • Rehydrate
  • No adverse effects
Avetotal -Immunostimulant of choice
Gut Health Promotor


Acidifier containing both inorganic and organic acids as well as a natural extract in swine

  • Improves FCR and weight gain
  • Improves gut health
  • Reduces post weaning stress
  • User friendly

Ropadiar Swine Poultry Cattle

Unique blend of essential oils. Reduce AGP's and coccidiostats

  • Improves growth rates & feed conversion
  • Lower mortality
  • Safe - no residues or withdrawal period
Mycotoxin management

ElitoxSwine Poultry

Combines in one product different strategies to not only bind the maximum amount of Mycotoxins, but also counteract and eliminate them. The combination contains enzymes, minerals, and chitosan.

  • Eliminate and inactivate a wide spectrum of Mycotoxins
  • Alleviate symptoms of Mycotoxicosis
  • Bactericidal and fungicidal activity
Elitox - Comprehensive Mycotoxin Control

Swine Poultry Cattle

Broad-spectrum Disinfectant for all kinds of surfaces in animal houses against excreted Endoparasites:wormeggs, coccidia, cryptosporidia and clostridia

  • Highly Effective against all pathogens
  • User friendly – easy application (foam)
  • Safe residues - May be used in empty as well as occupied facilities, at proper application
  • Non- toxic and contains no cancerogenic substances.
  • The product did not produce evidence of sensitization


Single most effective treatment and prevention of Aspergillus in commercial facilities.

  • Highly fungicidal
  • Cost effective
  • Different application methods
  • Safe for user
  • Residues safe to animals
Enhancing Reproduction


Ready to use luteolytic agent
  • Effective for use in  oestrus synchronization programs;
  • Improves oestrus disorders;
  • Induces parturition or abortion when required;
  • Improves ovarian functional disorders (luteal or follicular cysts);
  • Only for use in cattle.


Ready to use solution of synthetic gonadotropin to improve essential hormonal phases.

  • Stimulates release of LH (Luteinising hormone)
  • Stimulates release of FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone)
  • Only for use in cattle
Parasite Control

Vermectin LA

Broad spectrum and long acting injectable solution, active against ecto - and endo parasites.
  • Ready to use injectable solution;
  • Long action protection;
  • Effective as treatment for internal and external parasites;
  • Used for control of roundworms, lungworms, eye worms, sucking lice and mange mites.
  • Safe  for use in cattle, including pregnant cows, new-born calves and sheep;
  • Effective against most parasite species for 49 days;
  • Withdrawal period is 105 days.


Effective, injectable long acting solution, with broad spectrum  anti-parasitic action against ecto - and endo parasites.
  • Ready to use injectable solution;
  • Long action protection;
  • The treatment and control of internal and external parasites;
  • Used for the control of roundworms, lungworms, eye worms, sucking lice and mange mites;
  • More than 80% effective against most species for 42 days;
  • 35 day withdrawal period;
  • Safe for use in cattle, including pregnant cows and new born calves, sheep and swine.

Ear Tags with Diazinon Cattle

Ear tags contain a potent insecticide against the horn fly (Haematobius irritans). 

  • Long acting (120 – 150 days) effect;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Safe for use in cattle.

Magnapac Cattle

To achieve the highest yield at lower cost it is essential to choose an adequate source of by-pass fat.


Magnapac is a rumen inert calcium salt of palm fatty acids, with a highly digestible fatty acid profile ideal for high production dairy cows, beef, sheep and goats.


Magnapac is a digestible source of fat that can be included in the production of feed for monogastrics like poultry and swine.

  • Rumen inert
  • Highly digestible
  • Improves pellet quality
  • Increases the energy density of feed


A probiotic comprised of  B. amyloliquefaciens spores which produces enzymes that improve diet digestibility, and contributes to maintaining a healthy gut microflora, by destroying pathogenic bacteria and improving lactic flora counts.


The result being improvement in overall animal health.

For use in Poultry and Swine

  • Improves diet digestibility
  • Promotes a healthy gut therefore improving performance
  • Destroys pathogenic bacteria
  • Can resist high pelleting temperatures, as well as physical agents and acidifiers.

Gustor BP70 Swine Poultry

A protected sodium butyrate which allows the acid to be released progressively reaching the most distal part of the intestinal tract, where it exerts control and reduces the level of pathogens.

For use in both ruminants and monogastrics.

  • Protected form of sodium butyrate allows the acid to be released progressively.
  • Exerts the control over Salmonella both in the intestinal and systematic phases.
  • Higher bactericide effect at lower dosage because of high stability.
  • Beneficial effect on growth performance
  • Improves nutrient absorption
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