BAH is a South African Company well entrenched in Animal Health since 1988. We met with founder and CEO, Mr Oscar H Bupo, Argentine born and South African at heart, herewith the excerpts:

1.We have noticed your presence in several African countries, can you elaborate a bit more about these the reasons for expansion?

We are growing at a steady pace in the whole of the African continent with a business model fully adaptable to African conditions and needs. We aim at growing organically above the SA’s economic growth rates. We provide training and technical support as well as financing to our own branches throughout Africa, keeping in close touch with the markets. As you know, Africa has a young population with basic needs, with food safety being one of the key essential needs.

2.How did the recent South African poultry crisis affect your Company?

Precisely, as a result of our vision and implementation, we have managed to ameliorate the crisis that affected the South African poultry industry over the last 3 years. Our next strategic branch in the continent is Nigeria where we are very close to open, in early 2015 with Ghana to follow in 2016.


 3.How do you go about your expansion?

We navigate the emerging markets with a rigorous approach and will only land in strategic markets after an appraisal of the country is fully concluded. This applies to the opening a new branch but we are also servicing many more countries with well established distributors. Currently we are operating in over 25 African countries.

4.What is in view the pillars  of your success?

We could list them in three different areas, namely:


4.1.We have a comprehensive range of products that cater for Poultry, Swine and Ruminants currently under registration and/or development, suitable for each region. In total we have well over 200 products in our camp ideal for African conditions of animal production.

4.2.We regard ourselves as an innovative Company and have been pioneers in development of unique concepts, well documented worldwide. We have safe and efficacious products, designed to enhance production parameters, giving preference to the natural way or green technology in line with our corporate responsibility in protecting our environment. We have developed formulations that make use of phytobiotics and other natural products with 0 days withdrawal period, ideal for egg and meat producers as there are no residues or less residues that are harmless to the animal and hence apt for human consumption. We believe in one health for both humans and animals, after all an ancient greek philosopher (Hippocrates said…"Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food"). We cannot be “green” and safe with ourselves and “chemically-minded” with the health of the animals that will later consume, being what we consume such as meat, dairy or eggs.

4.3. Our values, since good values are universal and should come from the top of the organization, leading by example. These are amongst others, hard work, responsibility, humility,  integrity and honesty.

5.Have you got any investment plans?

Our main investments at the moment are in our new manufacturing plant in Pretoria and in the financing of our own operations. In addition, we believe that the world is interacting nowadays in a very dynamic way and we are all part of the global village. We have decided to invest in a Feed mill operation in Argentina, which caters for dairy and feedlots destined for exports (dairy and meat products to the EU). We don’t anticipate any need capital for our growth for the time being, due to our cash reserves and business model.

6.How do you see the future?

We see the future as a wonderful challenge and a great opportunity for sustainable business. But we have to take care of our environment to secure our survival and the survival of future generations. Africa is young and vibrant. It needs safe food and hence good practices of livestock raising. A continent with such possibilities offers a vast world of options and we want to be part of it. We believe in mother nature and what it offers in abundance, the secret is to harness that potential in a sustainable way. In the long term successful companies will be the ones that adapt and protect the environment, the rewards will be abundantly available and fair. It is the right thing to do for the future generations and it bodes well with our view of what a good legacy is.