Stress Management

Stress Care L


  • Stress care L is a unique liquid product made from natural plant extracts, prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins and organic acids for growth promotion, prevention of proliferation of harmful bacteria and improvement of the well-being of the poultry during the full production cycle.


  • For routine applications during pre- and post routine vaccinations in broilers, rearing flocks, pullets, breeders and layers.
  • To enhance rapid recovery of poultry after viral or bacterial disease challenges, general toxicity situations, disorders due to avitaminosis and any associated stress. (eg stress of shifting layer/breeder pullets to cages from rearing houses, stress of transport, heat stress)
  • For immediate relief in Mycotoxicosis.
  • To Support the treatment in heavy viral and bacterial disease, In Production Drops due to Nutritional and other stress.
  • To recover the performance by correcting Liver, Kidney and visceral functions in emergency cases.
  • To improve Immunity, which means tackling the immuno‐suppression due to mycotoxins and also in convalescence stage
  • To improve the growth and the weight gain and hence improving the feed conversion rate.


  • Water Soluble liquid: 1Lt, 5 Lt, 25 Lt