Bupo Animal Health has been importing and producing Pharmaceutical and Feed Additive products since 1988.  Building on 28 years of experience, we deliver innovative and effective products to the African Animal Health markets.


Reporting directly to the CEO the incumbent will be responsible for Sales and New Business Development of a range of animal health products in RSA and neighbouring countries


  • Managerial skills and experience (will have a reporting staff of 3 sales consultants)
  • Fluent in Afrikaans, English and preferably another international language
  • Superior communication skills
  • Willing to travel
  • Computer literate (MS Office suite essential)
  • Male between aged between 35 and 45 years
  • Experience in Animal Feed sales essential (dealing with key accounts customers)
  • Proven track record in sales and new business development in the animal health industry


Minimum B Com level.  MBA or MBL will be advantageous



  • Market related salary
  • Car Allowance
  • fuel card
  • Laptop
  • cell phone



Position: Technical and Sales Manager-Ruminants


The incumbent will be responsible for the achievement of sales objectives for the ruminant product range.

The person will be responsible for creating demand, maintaining and developing effective long term relationships with key clients and industry stakeholders.

Developing the area key clients (accounts) Plans and implementing all connected product and market strategies and activities, in alignment with the business strategies.

Works in close interaction with the General Manager (GM)/Branch managers and Technical teams, to analyze customer needs, find and seize new business opportunities.



Defines, creates and implements customized plans for a number of key clients

Listens to and understands the key clients (accounts) business, issues, needs and expectations and delivers proper analysis to the GM/branch manager.

Identifies and maximize sales opportunities. Implements new business solutions and services that add value to the key clients and result in the profitability of the unit

Analyses relevant market segments and competitors' activities to determine market trends and for defining product strategies.

Encourages and implement regular key clients (accounts) profiling to identify customer needs, potential and to assess current and future customer growth opportunities.

Identifies and builds a network and further develops long term relationships with customers and other relevant stakeholders



Reports to the GM.


  • Education: BVSc/BSc Animal Science/Diploma in Animal Science.
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in the ruminant market/industry,
  • Valid passport,
  • Energertic and self starter
  • 30 Years plus old
  • Own car and valid driver’s licence,
  • Strong computer skills (MS office) and good understanding of mathematics.



  • Market related salary
  • Car Allowance
  • fuel card
  • Laptop
  • cell phone


Demonstrates high level of Customer eccentric approach, combined with good business orientation.



  • Results oriented: eager to achieve objectives and obtain the targeted results.
  • Ability to think and act strategically and to anticipate customer needs.
  • Can confront obstacles to accomplish objectives
  • Demonstrates good judgment, makes thoughtful and fair proposals based on relevant information.
  • Strong analytical thinking, problem solving skills, attention to details.
  • Good planning and prioritization



  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal contacts and perceived by the Key clients as a knowledgeable partner and expert in poultry feed industry.
  • Has good interactions with Senior Management and is capable to influence and persuade peers and other functions.
  • Listens attentively to others and demonstrates understanding.



  • Explores positions and alternatives to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • Builds and maintains long-term professional relationships.
  • Makes decisions and takes actions based on personal opinions rather than relying on others for direction.
  • Shows high level of Integrity in all customer related and business activities.




  • Customer Service, results driven.
  • Team work and good planning skills
  • Networking


SITUATIONRatesCritical Comments
Washing and cleaning surfaces200mL per 100 L waterWashing and cleaning surfaces 200mL per 100 L water Spray 0,5 – 1 L solution per m2 on surfaces and wash off after 30 minutes.
General disinfection of all animal quarters (poultry houses, kennels, stables, barns, dairies, lavatories, etc.) all surfaces, equipment, hatcheries, utensils & instruments and for flushing water systems.1 L per 100 L water1 L per 100 L water Wet surfaces thoroughly (300 – 400mL solution per m2) and leave to dry.
Water systems
Drain and flush with clean water, after disinfection, to remove all traces of disinfectant solution.
Foot & vehicle dips1 L per 25 L waterReplace when solution starts to get dirty.
Treatment of bird drinking water.100mL per 1000 L waterTreatment of bird drinking water. 100mL per 1000 L water Continuously proportionally dosed.
Aerial disinfection BEFORE animal occupation.1 L per 100 L waterUse fine spray / mist droplets or fogging.
Aerial disinfection DURING bird occupation.1 L per 100 L water, 1 – 3 times per day. Use fine spray / mist droplets or fogging.
Disinfection of hatching eggs1 L per 100 L water.Recommended that spray solution must be the same temperature as hatching eggs.