Liver Function - Bedgen 40


    A natural hepatomodulator, hepatoprotector and performance enhancer that was developed to optimize livestock's economic performance by keeping animals healthy and productive.


    Should be used in situations of metabolic disfunction, deficient digestibility, intoxication or contamination, environmental or social stress, immune depression or during strong and prolonged antibiotic treatments.

  • Modulates the liver/bile function, enhancing digestibility while protecting and detoxifying the liver. The choleretic and chologogue effects of Cynarin increases bile production and flow by 60%, enhancing fat availability in the duodenum
  • Enhances intermediate hepatic metabolism, inreasing the activity of anabolic and catabolic pathways, improving nutrient processing capacities
  • Improves contact between enzymes and intestinal substrate by increasing hydrophobicity of digestice lumen content
  • Increases liposoluble vitamin absorption and availability of lipids
  • Improves detoxification by conjugation of toxin and metabolic waste substance
  • Prevents cellular degeneration as a membrane and somatic liver protector
  • Improves specific and non-specific immune response
  • Improves whole body protein anabolism



  • Strategic: 1ml/L of drinking water for the first 7 days
  • Therapeutic: 2ml/L of drinking water once per day


  • Breeders and layers in rearing: 150g/ton of feed for 4-6 weeks during rearing (0-7 weeks)
  • Broilers: 150g/ton of feed from 0-21 days
  • Adult breeders and layers: 150g/ton of feed for 3-5 weeks during peak production (18-30 weeks)


  • Water soluble liquid: 100ml, 250ml, 1L plastic bottles
  • Premix: 30kg drums